Tooth implant cost in India: Is it really worth it?

tooth implant cost in india

There is no denying it – dental implants are very expensive. They may be the gold standard for the missing teeth replacement procedures available today, but the cost that you have to pay would really make you think twice if this procedure is the right fit for you. But have you heard the tooth implant cost in India is more than a fraction of a price compared to what was offered here? That is the main reason why some people get their implants from India.  How can they offer cheap dental implants? Are they really worth traveling to this big and far Asian country?


Dental implants cost: How much are they and how can they be that expensive?

A dental implant as revolutionized and innovated the field of dental medicine. It has become the number one choice of many as the ideal method to replace a single missing tooth or multiple missing teeth. However, there are a significant number of people who are worried about the high cost of the dental implant. Because it is permanent, surgically attached, and undergoes a complex procedure, the cost of getting a dental implant can be way higher than what dentures and bridges would cost. You can expect that in order to have a dental implant, you would have to shell out at least $3000 per implant.


Tooth implant cost in India: How much and how can they be cheaper?

Dental tourism has been a growing trend not only in Australia but also in other countries like the US and UK. Countries like Indonesia, Thailand, the Philippines, and India are taking advantage of this trend by offering very cheap dental procedures like implants, crowns, and cosmetic dentistry, among others. Focusing on India, let us find out the tooth implant cost in India and the reasons why they have cheaper procedures.

dental implant surgery in indiaYou can expect the tooth implant cost in India to be Rs. 35000 to 45000, that is approximately $490 to $630 only. That is way cheaper than the thousands of dollars you would spend in our own country. They claim to use the same implants and crowns that most dentists in our country would use, and they follow the same dental safety standards as our dentists here would have. So how can they offer expensive procedures at a very low price?

Dental tourism is becoming a booming bandwagon in the dental industry because foreign dentists offer their services in a more affordable price range. Some dental professionals divulged that the cost of living in India is quite affordable compared to that of Australia, the US, and the UK. They have very low overhead charges as well, so the price tag that they charge for their services are definitely lower.


Tooth implant cost in India: Things to consider

Above all else, in every dental procedure that you would get abroad, especially an invasive one like dental implant surgery, your safety and satisfaction of the procedure should be your priorities. Here are some reminders that you need to keep in mind before getting into the dental tourism hype.

  • Know your dentist’s credentials and accreditation.
  • Know the reputation of the clinic where the procedure would take place.
  • Know the package inclusions and what would be paid out of pocket.
  • Ask all your questions and get valid answers.
  • Secure a form of travel insurance.


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