Is dental tourism a good or bad idea?

dental tourism

Let us admit the fact that no dental procedure or treatment is cheap. Even dental consultations can cost a fortune compared to medical check-ups. The more complex the treatment, the higher your dental cost would be. So when it became known that an option to get more affordable treatments and procedures is possible abroad, dental tourism became a hit. Even medical tourism rose to fame, knowing that innovations and treatment expertise can be developed elsewhere. But, you may start to think, can you really save money in medical tourism and dental tourism? Let us discover the concept of dental tourism, its highs, and lows, and if it is really a good idea to travel abroad for a cheaper dental procedure.


Why are dental costs expensive?

Dental procedures and treatments have very high price tags due to two main reasons.

Dental procedure costs are not standardized. Have you experienced asking for a price quotation from a dentist about a particular dental procedure, and realize that the same procedure is priced another way by a different dental practitioner? And to think this is legal is a puzzling fact indeed. This is possible because there are no laws that regulate the cost of dental treatment. Laws provided about dental practice revolve around the expertise and capacity of a dentist to perform each procedure with accuracy and precision to ensure patient safety, but it does not regulate the price tag.

They are not covered by medical insurance. This is unfortunately true. Lawmakers are more focused on providing the medical needs of the people instead of allotting a sufficient budget from the government so we can have free and affordable dental care. Private insurance companies also tend to prioritize medical insurance, and for someone to have dental coverage, you would have to pay extra so you can have it as part of your extra benefit. That is why for most people, you would have to pay out of pocket expenses for a dental consult and treatment.


How is dental tourism beneficial?

dental clinics abroadThe mere thought of getting dental treatments at a fraction of the price is music to anyone’s ears. Dental tourism gives you the option to travel abroad, such as to Thailand, Indonesia, or the Philippines, and avail of their dental procedures at an affordable price. If you are thinking about how they can do it, then we have the answers for you.

Low overhead charges. Dentists abroad live in a country with a lower cost of living, so maintaining a clinic or practice is cheaper, so they wouldn’t charge patients too much to break even.

Their dentists are experts as well. Many foreign students study abroad and come back to their motherland, making them knowledgeable and at par with what the first-world countries can offer. dentists abroad studied at the same schools where dentists at home went to, so you can be sure that their expertise and training are the same.


Things to think about when considering dental tourism

Know all the info about your dental package. This will ensure that you know what you are paying for and what things are not included.

Check your dentist’s credentials. Make sure that he is distinguished by an international dental organization so you can be sure that you are in good hands while outside the country.

Maintain good communication. If you can, learn the language or find a credible dentist that knows how to speak and converse in English. This will reduce any incidence of miscommunication due to a language barrier.

Have travel insurance. Talk to your insurance provider and discuss your plans to go abroad for a dental procedure and inquire about your insurance provisions.


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