How Do I Know If I Need A Root Canal? (5 Factors To Consider)

How Do I Know If I Need A Root Canal

Extreme dental problems can cause your tooth to get symptoms of pain, headache, and even swelling. For your health to not deteriorate with cavities, bacteria, and other problems, you should get a dentist to check your teeth. Dr Barwin at Bay Dental Studio near Potts Point suggests that the root canal as early as possible is needed. A root canal can still treat inflamed or damaged pulp. However, dead tooth or complicated dental problems can have more than one treatment. If you’re asking, “how do I know if I need a root canal?” then you may want to read this article further. Your dentist can even give you tips for your oral health care concerns.

How Does Root Canal Work?

Preserving your infected teeth is a bit challenging for the dentist and even risky for the patient. While your teeth may appear suitable outside, the inside of the pulp or root can decay due to bacteria. For an endodontist to entirely eliminate even more infection, root canal treatment needs to be done. The procedure must get an X-ray examination first to see the signs of the damage in the dental pulp. Root canal works by extracting the infected or inflammation on the area of the tooth. When the root canal treatment finishes, the dentist may have to fill in the canal with dental fillings or amalgam. Afterward, the endodontist must ensure that there are no signs of decay or damage to the bone anymore. 

5 Reasons For Getting A Root Canal

A root canal can definitely save your mouth’s health. If you’re not aware of your oral health problems, it can even lead to infection on your nerves and bones. You can be sure to ask your dentist, “how do I know If I need a root canal?” on your next session due to these five reasons. 

Tooth Sensitivity

The tooth can really become sensitive as it is a sign of bacterial infection in your mouth. Extreme temperatures in meals such as hot or cold food and drinks can make your gums and teeth sensitive. Your nerves may react negatively to the food that you eat.

Discoloration Of Tooth

Another sign of a person to get a root canal soon is the obvious discoloration of the tooth. No, it is not just the yellowing of the tooth. Dark black or brown color can indicate that your teeth are dying due to the death of the pulp.

Extreme Painful Bite

Your teeth can also become painful when it comes to tooth decay, as it will become movable and sensitive to biting food. Moreover, your tooth may even fall off due to dental caries. 

Infection Symptoms

It might be too late when you see many signs of infection on your teeth. The disease can be treated with an antibiotic from your dentist, though. You can expect the medicine to relieve your pain, but it’s better to see your dentist as well. Extraction is also one of the best ways to treat the infected tooth. However, you may want to consider the times of getting a root canal as it can be risky

Gum SwellingHow Do I Know If I Need A Root Canal 5 Factors To Consider

How do I know if I need root canal? Simple. Your gums physically tell you that it is not in the right condition. Gums can also show signs that  you may have to get root canal soon. Swelling gums, pus, and bleeding can even be dangerous for your mouth. In fact, nerves in the gums can even give further health concerns such as heart attack or throat infection. Ask your dentist as soon as you see bumps or swelling on your gums as fast as possible. 

Watch Out For Your Teeth’s Health 

Knowing these signs, you should already have an idea that your dental health is one of the highest priorities. While endodontists or any dentists can give you treatment, the first step starts at home. Not minding when to brush, floss, or rinse your teeth is not a good sign of dental health. It would be best if you always had your regular dental routine to avoid dental health complications.

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