Celebrity rhinoplasty: The trend, risks, and complications

celebrity rhinoplasty

We live in a world where beauty is as important as wealth and health. People are so into body improvements and beauty transformations thinking that their physical appearance would help open doors of opportunity for them in this life. This is where some resort to cosmetic surgery as if it’s just as easy as taking vitamin supplements. You can take it from Hollywood stars we see on TV and in the movies, with their celebrity rhinoplasty and facelifts, and many more. At the RhinoplastyBrisbaneCost blog page, you can read about celebrity makeovers if you are interested in how they did it, what procedures they underwent, and if these treatments will work for you. Let’s find out more about nose jobs, how celebrity rhinoplasty looks like, and what risks are we getting into with cosmetic surgery.


Rhinoplasty: Not just for Esthetics

There is a huge misconception that people only do rhinoplasty procedures or nose jobs to improve the way their noses look. To be honest, doctors also recommend undergoing rhinoplasty for medical purposes. Yes! Rhinoplasty is a surgical treatment that focuses not only on the genetic or acquired deformities of the nose but also on the disease or health condition that these deformities cause. For instance, patients with deviated septum or suffer from sleep apnea may have the option to undergo rhinoplasty to correct the structure of their nose and so they get relief from their respiratory or breathing issue.


Celebrity rhinoplasty: How is it different?

You may think that celebrity rhinoplasty procedures are different from the nose jobs surgeons normally perform, maybe because they are flawlessly made or that celebrity noses are well-emphasized onscreen. But the truth is, their rhinoplasty procedures are not so different from ours. In fact, rhinoplasty all over the world follows the same standard procedure. What makes each procedure different is:celebrity rhinoplasty complications

  • The expertise of the surgeon
  • The look you want to achieve
  • The material used
  • The patient’s overall health condition

Apart from these things, all else is the same in actuality. For instance, the celebrity rhinoplasty performed to an American actress follows the same procedure done to a Chinese patient, but the results may vary depending on how each patient would want their noses to look like and how accurate their surgeons are. They can also experience the same complications and side effects if the procedure is not performed properly.


Celebrity rhinoplasty: The risks and complications

Like any other type of surgery, one can never get away with the usual risks brought about by invasively manipulating your body parts. For instance, rhinoplasty can pose risks for infection, bleeding, and anesthesia side effects.

Some patients who underwent rhinoplasty may also complain of swelling and tenderness around the area that may be felt for a whole year intermittently. They can also have problems with breathing and feeling their noses for quite some time, and this may be temporary because of the swelling and numbness, which may go away as time passes. Scarring can also be expected especially if you are a keloid former or a smoker, as smoking affects the normal healing capacity of the body. If you have undergone a celebrity rhinoplasty and you feel that the post-surgery side effects are becoming alarming and serious, do not hesitate to contact your surgeon to make sure of your safety and the procedure’s integrity.

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