How Cosmetic Dentistry Can Give You A Better Smile?

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Ever wondered how celebrities get their perfect smile? Well some of them are naturally gifted with a great set of teeth, but for some of us, getting a better smile means visiting the dentist from time to time for dental care procedures. Cosmetic dentistry has taken the dental industry by storm in the past few years, in fact, lip fillers in Perth are becoming more and more popular.


Cosmetic Dentistry For A Better Smile

Cosmetic dentistry refers to the services and procedures executed by dentists to improve the smile and aesthetics of their patients. Apart from giving you a better smile, it also restores the functions of a damaged tooth. Some people even incorporate this with other surgical procedures such as lip augmentation, lip fillers, and implants to fully enhance their looks.

Below are the most common services that can be performed in the office:

  • Tooth whitening. Bright teeth are equivalent to a brighter smile. Clinics are now offering services to remove or reduce the stains on the teeth. This type of procedure aims to expose the natural color of the teeth underneath the accumulated stain. However, the results vary according to the severity of the stain. For a more detailed and satisfactory result, several sessions may be required.
  • dentist and patientComposite bonding. A decayed and damaged tooth is usually fixed by composite bonding. This treatment removes the decay from the tooth and places a composite material on the teeth to conceal the damaged part. A high-intensity light will then be used to shape the material according to the natural form of the teeth. What a way to restore your smile.
  • Veneers. This is probably one of the most costly procedures nowadays. It is placed in front of each tooth to cover gaps and cracked or broken teeth. This will surely give you a better smile as veneers are molded to match your dental structure making it look natural.
  • Dental implants. An implant is a treatment that replaces the missing tooth root. A customized material will be molded and planted in your jaw to let it become a part of it. Its main goal is to give support to the crowns or bridges that are about to be placed into your mouth.
  • Braces. Most of us think that braces are only meant for children, but according to dentists, it’s never too late to fix tooth problems. You don’t have to be conscious about wearing braces because they are now offering Invisalign braces that are almost invisible! Hence, giving you a better smile while fixing your minor dental issues.
  • Enamel Abrasion. Just like tooth whitening, this treatment targets the stains on the surface of the teeth to reveal a brighter shade. Between the two treatments, bleaching can give a better smile because it provides a whiter shade as it targets different layers of the teeth while enamel abrasion will only treat the surfaces.

So if you want to get a better and brighter smile, visit your family dentist right away and ask them about the services that they can offer you.

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