Bite Toothpaste Review: Innovative Toothpaste Experience

bite toothpaste bits

Everyone wants to support and do their part in protecting the environment. Even the most minor steps can bring a significant impact on its preservation. However, reducing our plastic footprint, particularly in our medical and dental care practices, can be tricky. Luckily, products such as Bite Toothpaste Bits offer innovative ways of dealing with our increasing plastic consumption. What is this toothpaste, and why is it necessary? This Bite toothpaste review will help you understand how we can be better stewards of our environment.


Plastic Pollution

According to studies by the United Nations, more than half of our population contributes to plastic pollution. Because it is more practical, single-use plastic products are a frequent requirement in patient care practices. These plastics are a significant concern in our ecosystem as decomposing would take hundreds of years.

Did you know that minimizing the use of plastics in ways such as patronizing reusable items, eco-friendly bags and materials, and the use of chemical-free products can bring a significant impact to our environment?



What Is Bite Toothpaste?

Bite toothpaste is not your ordinary toothpaste company. It provides an all-natural, plastic-free option to your oral care regimen. The firm is highly recognized for its chewable toothpaste bits, a friendly alternative to traditional toothpaste. Consequently, their goal in reducing the use of plastics and chemicals is very beneficial to our environment. Just as you thought it couldn’t get better, Bite toothpaste manufactures its products in cruelty-free and vegan-friendly methods.


Rise to Fame

Bite Toothpaste made its debut on CNBC’s Shark Tank. As of writing, the company boasts over 90,000 Instagram followers. Bite toothpaste has also been featured in top-ranking magazines such as Cosmopolitan, Forbes, and Oprah Magazine. With numerous appearances, many people are getting curious. Are they genuinely deserving of the hype they’re receiving? Let’s find out.


Bite Toothpaste Bits

what is bite toothpasteWho would’ve thought that a simple hunt for sustainable travel toothpaste would lead to the creation of this product? To help our readers fully grasp our review, we’d like to start from the Bite toothpaste bits’ early days.

For more than decades, different kinds of toothpaste have been processed and manufactured in plastic tubes containing numerous chemicals that claim to improve oral health. After a series of research, the creator of Bite toothpaste bits was struck by realizing how harmful the existing products can be towards our ecosystem. They followed through with these principles and placed their focus on sustainability and the use of organic ingredients.


Product Overview

Bite toothpaste bits are new and all-natural toothpaste that comes in the shape of pressed pellets. It is a revolutionary product that combines a perfect mix of form, function, and sustainability. In comparison to any traditional toothpaste, the company eliminates the need for plastic squeeze tubes. They neatly pack their toothpaste bits in recyclable glass bottles, an eco-friendly option among other brands.

After all, billions of tubes are discarded across the globe each year, leaving behind harsh chemical residues that damage our environment even more.


Organic Ingredients

You’d assume some strange chemicals would go into producing this unique toothpaste, but Bite probably has a lesser ingredient list than the toothpaste you’re presently using. Bite manages to eliminate out all of the non-essential additives, creating its tiny pressed tablets from only ten natural ingredients. This innovation is clearly a step forward against any standard-tubed toothpaste that contains harsh chemicals, cheap fillers, and artificial flavors and coloring.

Moreover, every component has a specific purpose and is 100% vegan. Therefore, anyone will feel a lot comfortable about trying out this new brushing approach because the finished product is safe, gluten-free, and cruelty-free.



Bite Toothpaste Bits come in four different flavors, namely the following:

  • Naturally-whitening fresh-mint
  • Fresh mint with activated charcoal
  • Zesty mandarin orange
  • Berry

Aside from the abovementioned, Bite toothpaste bits also offer limited-edition flavors such as a cinnamon autumn spice variety. Depending on your preference, you can choose which among these flavors would best suit your needs.



Bite Toothpaste Bits are twelve dollars for a single bottle or twenty dollars for a two-pack that includes different flavors. The company also offers a subscription service, which distributes a thirty-dollar supply of 256 tablets for every four months, adding up a total of seven dollars each month.


Our Experience



components bite toothpasteBite toothpaste bits come in the form of tiny tablets rather than your traditional paste. So how does one use it? Instead of squeezing from a tube, all you need to do is place one ball in your mouth and bite it down. You will then feel the tablet break up into a powder. Afterward, use a wet toothbrush and brush your way towards a fresh and clean smile.

So, how was our experience? We were initially stunned by this product. Indeed, they are different from any other toothpaste that you’re used to. Overall, it is an exciting experience, especially for first-time users.



We tried both the fresh mint and the fruity flavors, and we are glad we did. Both flavors are superb, and quite frankly, this product is underrated. It is very pleasing to describe how incredible the balance of its flavors is, somewhere between minty but not too strong or overpowering. If we are to compare it with anything, it has the same brittle quality with a dash of sweet overtones of an after-dinner mint.



Although the powder emits a crumbly and odd texture at first, the experience wasn’t any bad. As one continues to brush, the soft texture fades and changes into a bubbly foam. This pill produces a lot more foam than anyone would expect from a tiny tablet. When it comes to toothpaste, a little goes a long way, and compressing everything into a small pellet means it carries a lot more than you may think.


After-brush sensation

After brushing, it instantly gives off a feeling of having smooth and shiny teeth. However, it wasn’t able to maintain that tingling, fresh-from-the-dentist sensation. In our case, the feeling didn’t last more than a few seconds after brushing. Nonetheless, it didn’t take us long to realize how much we enjoy using Bite toothpaste.


Our Verdict

We would recommend this product. Its initiative combined with its quality is undoubtedly something you won’t see in other brands. Bite toothpaste bits are a chewable chemical- and plastic-free cleaning choice that you’ll surely be glad to try out for brushers who get bored from their usual routine. Though we believe the novelty of its usage will gradually wear off, we appreciate it while it lasts. And if they ever come up with other flavors, expect us to be in line to try them.

As much as we enjoy the flavors and feel of Bite toothpaste, it takes a bit of an effort getting to the product usage itself. Although the steps are pretty simple, brushing your teeth in a different manner can significantly impact our routines.


Wrapping It Up

bite toothpaste review experienceIn all honesty, considering how products affect our environment is not something we do every day. Thanks to Bite toothpaste, their products allow us to be aware of our purchasing decisions. It never occurred to us how we can save the Earth by simply eliminating traditional toothpaste tubes.

In conclusion, we understand that making the switch to natural and sustainable products might not be as easy as it sounds. Nonetheless, making a small effort for our environment is still better than doing nothing at all.



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