Dental Surgery Tools: What Purpose Do They Serve?

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Dentists use different dental surgery tools and instruments in performing several operations. With the help of advancements in modern technology, the tools that dentistry use nowadays keeps on developing as well. In this article, we are going to discuss the different kinds of dental instruments and the roles that they play in oral surgery. If your clinic is currently looking for safe and reliable instruments, purchase tools at


List of Dental Surgery Tools

Below are the most common and used oral surgery tools that dentists use together with their purpose and functions:

Cheek Retractors

Dentists use cheek retractors in surgeries to pull away the tissue to expose the treatment area and to keep the tissue open during the procedure. Moreover, retractors come in different kinds such as Lip retractors and Palate retractors.


Dental clinics also use different sizes and shapes of scissors for surgery. Scissors are important dental surgery instruments used in operations. Dental specialists ensure the safety of patients by keeping them sterilized. Sharpening them regularly also helps in maintaining their quality.


Dental needles are used in injecting anesthesia to the treatment site. This dental instrument is automatically disposed of after use.

Needle Holders

Needle holders keep the needles steady during the injection. These are commonly made of stainless steel making them a durable dental tool for any kind of procedure.

Tooth Forceps

Tooth forceps are available in different kinds. Each kind serves different functions according to the needs of the dentist. Thumb forceps are used for gripping, it is especially useful in closing incisions. Clamps or ratcheted forceps let the dentist have hands-free access to the teeth and treatment area by locking the clamp to its designated place.

Pin Instruments

The dental pins used in surgery are typically made of high-grade stainless steel for better performance. These instruments are the primary tools needed in performing oral surgery.

Mouth Mirror

tools in dentistryDental mirrors are used in almost all procedures. It helps the dentist see the entirety of the mouth clearly. The mirror allows the dentist to see every angle inside your mouth, including the back of the teeth.


Dental drills are used to remove the decay in the tooth before performing any treatment or surgical operation.

Suction Device

This dental tool is important to keep your mouth free of saliva and debris build-up during a dental procedure. It sucks the accumulated saliva in your mouth to help the dentist perform a smooth surgery.


Scalpels are used in any form of surgery, mostly extraction. In dentistry, its main function is to cut tissues and make incisions.

Spoon Excavator

Spoon excavators are also made of high-quality stainless steel. This sharp tool removes the cavity in teeth in preparation for dental filling treatment.


Dental burnishers are often used at the end part of oral surgery or treatments. They are used to polish the composite fillings placed in the tooth.

If you have any questions about the tool that your dentist use, don’t hesitate to ask him about its purpose and functions.

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