Benefits of Jaw Botox Against TMJ Disorders

jaw botox

Botox in dental and medical treatments is commonly used nowadays. Especially when it comes to TMJ problems that restrict a person from performing his or her activities of daily living, a jaw botox is highly recommended.

Usually, the society’s first impression on jaw botox would be that injection on the face to get rid of wrinkles, thus making the face more radiant and 10 years younger. While that is a fact, what many people still don’t know is that this procedure is also helpful to address TMJ disorders.

Botox’s Effectiveness against TMJ Disorders

The main function of the temporomandibular joint or TMJ is to connect the skull to the sides of the mouth to the jawbone. This plays a big part to allow the person to speak, chew and even laugh.

But at some point in time, the bones slowly deteriorate, causing misalignment and damage due to various factors. This is known as a TMJ disorder, which is manifested by a painful sensation either on the face, ears or both. One effective method to address this pain is through jaw botox.

Here’s an interesting fact – before being used for aesthetic purposes, botox was first created for medical reasons. Today, it is used in the field of dentistry to treat various cases such as TMJ disorders. Patients who can’t stop involuntary grinding or teeth clenching can benefit a lot from this procedure.

Botox allows muscle relief temporarily on those areas surrounding the TMJ. This effect can last for more than 100 days. Imagine the feeling of not suffering any TMJ disorder symptoms for that span of time.

jaw botox

Jaw Botox Improves Oral Health

Botox grants a plethora of benefits to your oral cavity. After the first session, you’ll experience an improvement in your talking, swallowing and chewing habits. Without any discomfort, you’ll significantly lessen the risks of other oral cavity problems such as gum disease, dental caries or tooth loss.

Moreover, botox decreases jaw tension and minimises episodes of lockjaw. Most importantly, you won’t need to be troubled when you sleep as this procedure addresses your teeth grinding, hence, reducing allaying headaches and neck pain when you wake up.

Expectations after TMJ Botox Treatment

Expect a minor pain once you’ve been injected. No worries though, the pain will subside right away. Like they say, it’s just like an ant bite. If for some instance the pain persists, you can apply an anaesthetic cream or cold ice pack at the injection site. If you’re afraid of needles, you can inform the dentist so that a short-term sedative will be used.

Although you may see a little bit of redness at the injection site or feel slightly numb, you’ll be surprised on how quickly the muscle tenderness subsides after the procedure. You can finally get back to your regular daily routines without any restrictions.

It’s Perfectly Safe

Guaranteed, jaw botox is completely safe. In fact, it’s been widely used around the globe to address TMJ disorders. It’s also used for other medical conditions like migraines, muscle stiffness and even eyelid spasms. The best part is that it’s an easy and quick procedure, usually around 20 minutes, even lesser!

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