How to Heal Cut Gums Fast on Kids

how to heal cut gums fast

It’s a common occurrence when children suffer from minor cuts on their gums. After all, they spend most of their time playing and doing other stuff. While gums generally heal fast after a surgery, or a trauma these simple cuts can be managed by simple home remedies in most cases.

There are times when the wound affects the gums and bleeding is present that you have to seek a doctor to make sure that the bleeding stops. Of course, how to heal cut gums fast depends on the severity of the cut and how it was addressed right away.

Mild Cuts and Wounds

Here’s a simple step-by-step procedure if your child has suffered from a shallow cut.

  • Make sure to calm your child down and assure him or her that you can help.
  • Do proper hand washing.
  • To stop the bleeding, use a clean bandage or cloth and apply pressure on the wound for several minutes.
  • Since the wound is inside the mouth, take out any noticeable dirt from the area and use cool water to rinse the affected area well for several minutes.
  • To minimize bleeding, give your child an ice cube or an ice pop to suck on. While cuts on gums heal on their own without stitches, you can’t be complacent all the time especially if the wound is too deep.

When is Medical Attention Needed to the Child

how to heal cut gums fast

If you’re not sure if the cut on the gums will heal, it’s always best to contact your health care provider and let the professional examine the wound. Upon assessment, your provider would recommend immediate medical attention on the following observations.

  • Bleeding does not stop even when direct pressure has been applied for 10 minutes. This indicates profuse bleeding. To manage, continue pressure application for like 5 to 10 minutes and don’t stop; don’t even lift the cloth to look at the wound. If the cloth is fully soaked with blood, get a new cloth and apply pressure on top of the soaked old cloth. Never ever lift the first cloth. Always remember that wounds on the face usually cause a lot of bleeding.
  • A deep wound that’s approximately longer than ½ inch
  • If the wound is cause by a rusty or dirty object
  • If the wound is filled with gravel, stones, dirt or any types of debris
  • If the wound has separated edges
  • If the wound is caused by a bite, regardless if from an animal or another human
  • If your child’s pain scale reaches 10 or you’re suspecting bone or head injury
  • If signs of infection are noted such as swelling, redness or there’s fluid gushing out

Finally, how to heal cut gums fast really depends on the severity of the wound. If you’re unsure on the home remedy on applied, the best thing to do is seek a doctor to examine the wound.

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