Advantages Of Visiting A Dental Care Group Practice

dental care group

A dental care group can offer general dentistry services to the public. This article will talk about what these services are, and the advantage of having a dental care group tend to your oral care needs and other benefits to this type of service. After reading the article, you can check out this Richmond dental team that also offers the services of a dental care group.

What is a dental care group?

If you are looking for general dentistry services or if you feel that you need to have more than one dental procedure done, you may benefit from a dental care group. However, what is a group dental practice?

In comparison to a solo dental practice, which has only one dentist who provides dental care to all the patients, a dental care group has more than one dentist working under one practice. These dentists work together to offer all the general dentistry services to the patients who are under the care of the dental group practice.

Dental services offered by a dental care group

What are the services offered by this type of dental practice? Here is a detailed list of the dental services that a patient can avail of at a group dental practice.

General dentistry

The procedures and dental services that fall under general dentistry are procedures that help a person maintain good overall oral health. Dentists use different techniques to diagnose, treat and manage oral health issues. These techniques include gum care procedures, root canals, dental fillings, veneers, dental crowns and dental bridges. Also, in line with general dentistry, dentists can also provide patients with preventive advice when it comes to how to keep different oral diseases and issues at bay.


Orthodontics is similar to general dentistry. It is because both have the goal of making sure a patient has good overall dental health. However, orthodontics has a more similar scope. Its dental services and techniques that are covered by orthodontics focus on occlusion bite correction and the straightening of teeth.

People who need orthodontic treatment will be fixed with braces and other types of treatment options. These treatments are designed to help them get a better smile and cure other health problems that are caused by their crooked teeth.

Dental surgery

Dental group practices also offer dental surgery for very extreme cases that need to be treated with surgical techniques. Surgery can be applied to gum and bone diseases that may affect a person and cause destructive oral problems in the long run.

Advantages of visiting dental care group

Although solo dental practices were all the rage in the past, group dental practices are becoming a trend that seems to be more convenient. These practices offer advantages for both dentist and patient. Here is a list of benefits of visiting a group dental practice instead of a solo one.

Good prices

In comparison to a solo practice, most group dental clinics have discounted rates and offers. This is because the dentists that are in the group can divide expenses among themselves. They can afford to give better and more competitive deals to their patients and clients as well.

Dentists can concentrate on what they do best

There is usually a reception desk at a group dental practice. Behind the desk is a receptionist who does all the paperwork, calls the clients and does everything in the dental office that is outside the actual dental procedures. The extra hands that are employed at a group dental practice are the cogs that make the clinic run. They take care of all the work that needs to be done with regards to paperwork and clerical tasks, leaving the dentists to perform the necessary procedures on the patients. This will make the dentists less stressed and able to perform their functions more effectively.

Better quality equipment

A patient will be able to benefit from better quality equipment and tools used in the dental clinic. The dentists who collaborate and work in a group dental practice can all share the expenses to buy quality tools instead of shouldering all the expenses if they were working alone in a solo practice.

All-in-one place to get dental care

dental care groupOne of the nest advantages of going to a group dental clinic would be that you can get all the dental services you need from this one office. There is usually more than one specialist that work together in a group dental practice. If you went to see a general dentist who works in a solo practice, the chances are that if you need orthodontics work done, they will need to refer you to another dental health professional who worked at a different office. Having all the dental work done under one roof will save you time and effort, and at the same time, it will ensure that these dental professionals can work together to ensure that you have optimal tooth and gum health at the end of the treatment.

Fewer people in line and quicker service

Since there is more than one dentist employed in a group dental practice, the wait to see the dentist will not be too long. Also, you will be able to make appointments more efficiently. There are more dentists and a more flexible schedule to choose appointment schedules from.

Are you looking for a dentist?

If you are looking to get dental services, it is a good idea to consider going to a dental care group for your dental needs. If you had read the advantages above, you would see that a group practice can offer much more than a solo practice in terms of convenience and quality of services.

Being treated by a dentist who is part of a group practice will not only provide you with more convenient dental visits as a whole, but you will also be able to avail of good quality dental treatments to choose from. If you are having a difficult time choosing between going to a dentist who works in a solo practice or going to a group practice, you can have yourself assessed first. Although dentists in both types of practices are skilled, it is best to go with the one you feel most comfortable with.

Where to find a group dental practice

Wondering where you can see this kind of dental practice? You can start looking at your local emergency room or medical center. They will usually have the information about where to find quality dental care group practices that are in your vicinity.

Emergency rooms and medical centers will usually have the address or phone number of these group dental practices, and they would gladly give this information out to patients who need them.

Final thoughts

Visiting a dental care group practice is a good idea for people who have multiple oral health issues that they need to deal with at the same time. Although if you already have a dentist who has a solo practice, and wants to keep them as your regular dentist, you can keep doing that as care group

Whether you choose to see a group practice or a solo one, the important thing is to get your mouth checked by a dentist at least once a year. Keeping up with regular checkups with a dentist will ensure that there will be no severe threats to your overall oral health standing in the long run. Regular dental checkups will allow the dentist to check if all is well in terms of your oral health. If there are any problems, the dentist will be able to detect them and administer treatment right away. Depending on if there are oral issues found, the dentist may recommend more frequent visits.

At the end of the day, what is essential is that a person takes their oral health seriously. Visiting a solo dental practice or a group one will be up to the preference of the patient. There are pros and cons with both types of dental practices, and it is the patient’s choice whether to choose one over the other.

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