Whitening sensitive teeth – Is it safe?

Whitening sensitive teeth

Whitening sensitive teeth can be painful. Even people who do not have tooth sensitivity are at risk of developing it after teeth whitening. Is it advisable for people with sensitive teeth to undergo tooth whitening? Dr. Afjeh, a dentist in Epping offers Zoom teeth whitening to her patients and shares some information about this topic.

What causes sensitive teeth?

How do teeth become sensitive in the first place? It all starts when the enamel of a tooth is worn away and the roots of the tooth become exposed. This makes the teeth vulnerable.

Is whitening safe?

People with tooth sensitivity might be wondering if the treatment would be safe. The answer is yes. No matter how sensitive your teeth are, it would still be possible for you to undergo whitening treatments. Consulting your dentist before starting any type of whitening treatment would ensure that you can safely whiten your teeth. There are many ways to whiten teeth and your dentist can advise you on which procedures would be best for you.

Whitening sensitive teeth

There are many treatment methods that you can choose from to whiten sensitive teeth. Ask your dentist before using any of these methods to make sure that they would be safe for you.Gently Whitening sensitive teeth

  • Whitening strips. These strips are used to whiten teeth without any harmful chemicals or gels. Just apply the strip to your teeth and see results as soon as 30 minutes after the first use.
  • Whitening toothbrushes. These mini-toothbrushes would be good to remove stains from coffee and other agents that would darken teeth. They also help make your breath smell minty fresh.
  • Whitening powders. This powder would be made of activated charcoal. Just simply dip your toothbrush into the powder and brush. However, there is a warning on this type of product that it should only be used occasionally because if it is used too often, it can also cause damage to the enamel of teeth, causing more sensitivity.
  • Whitening wands. This wand would contain a gel inside that you can apply to teeth to whiten them. The gel would also contain activated charcoal and coconut oil that helps whiten teeth. Simply allow the gel to stay on the teeth for about a minute before rinsing it out.


Don’t think that there is no solution for your stained yellow teeth just because your teeth are sensitive. Be positive! There are ways to whiten your teeth. If you suffer from tooth sensitivity and are opting to have a tooth whitening procedure done, the best and most logical first step would be to consult your dentist. Tell them about your tooth sensitivity and they will inform you about the best possible way to go about tooth whitening. No need to struggle with those yellow teeth anymore. Whether you choose to do a home remedy to whiten your teeth or have an in-house treatment done by your dentist, you can! Just tell your dentist about your preferences and they will help you find a way to whiten your teeth without you having to be in pain and in danger of damaging your soon-to-be pearly whites.


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