Your Initial Consultation with your Doctor

initial consultation

To have an accurate understanding of what your medical needs are, it is important to have an initial consultation. This is a formal and practical way for both patients and medical practitioners to be well-informed of possible risks or conditions for the body’s situation. This form of practice can have successful results since it can also determine the satisfaction of the patient with the procedure after any kind of treatment or medication. Don’t forget to schedule a consultation if you would like to have a checkup with rising concern for any illness or your general wellness. Having this scheduled appointment will prepare not just your doctor but yourself by writing your questions, financial concerns, or possible emergency issues that may arise.

What to Do Before An Appointment

A few things are needed to be done before setting up an initial consultation for your health concerns. Plan your appointment two weeks ahead at most by ensuring that you don’t have any other scheduled events or activities such as work or school tasks as well as family events. You should also ask the clinic or hospital about the duration of the consultation so you can plan upcoming follow-up appointments ahead. Make sure that you have the right financial preparedness for the consultation as well. Insurances are recognized by a number of clinics and hospitals that can cover your medical bills. Medical insurances are also useful in speeding up the process of your appointment as well as your treatment since there are already previous agreements between your insurance and the hospital that you have chosen. Lastly, make sure you have government IDs, relax about the consultation and take a family member or close friend that can go with you to the doctor’s office.

Process of the Consultation initial consultation

Initial Consultation may take a longer time since it is the first visit to your doctor. Some appointments such as dental consultation will need a series of periodic visits and as often as recommended. Any kind of consultation will ask personal medical questions or surveys so be sure to answer them honestly to really ensure your safety and the success of treatment needed. You should be able to tell them what the problems really are and what your desired outcome will be. A physical examination is a series of general tests done through checking your blood, x-ray, blood sugars or other needed examinations. It is needed for the initial assessment and the results may already indicate any signs of illness or health issues.

Results and Continuity of Consultation

After the first consultation, it is inevitable to have a follow-up checkup or appointment with your doctor again. The results of the physical exam may take a week such as the results of an x-ray printing and the results will still be discussed by your doctor. If you are in this stage, prepare your body for the next steps in the consultation process.  Ask all the pre-surgery or treatment questions ahead so that you won’t have any complications for your activities or food intake as some require detailed instructions for diet, lifestyle, tobacco and alcohol consumption and other ongoing medications that you are taking. This type of consultation will be able to show you the correct results in time and will have a detailed explanation of what to do next. There might be more screenings after this depending on your doctor so establishing a follow-up after the first consultation is recommended.


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