Does Insurance Cover Teeth Whitening?

does insurance cover teeth whitening

We always crave for a perfect smile. We love the effect of people admiring us of our beautiful, pearly white teeth. Nevertheless, the budget you need to whiten our teeth can be costly. That’s why countless people ask – does insurance cover teeth whitening? Unfortunately in most cases, the answer is no since it’s a cosmetic procedure. But if you try take a look at DentalSpot’s teeth whitening services in Burwood and other similar clinics, you may find another option to make the procedure budget-friendly.

Did you know that more than 50% of Americans take advantage of insurance policies to cover the expenses of their dental treatments? It’s a sad new though that it does not tend to cover any sort of dental cosmetic procedures, and that include teeth whitening procedures.

What Does Dental Insurance Usually Cover?

Dental insurance has a typical yearly maximum amounting to around $1,000 to $3,000 for covered procedures. The umbrella of dental coverage includes the procedures which are strictly related to health and wellness. That comprises the following – X-rays, regular cleaning, root canal treatment, fluoride treatments, fillings, and similar procedures. In fact, some forms of dental coverage will only cover a portion of these procedures.

does insurance cover teeth whitening

Here are some takeaways that you should take note of:

  • Most dental insurance policies do not cover any dental cosmetic treatments like teeth whitening
  • There are three types of coverage generally covered by dental insurance — preventive, basic care, and major work.
  • There are other dental plans which cover one annual visit for cleanings, as well as x-rays and sealants.

When it comes to dental insurance, most plans focus on preventative and basic care, and not all procedures are covered by dental insurance. For example, application of a dental crown does not guarantee that the expenses will be fully covered.

In most cases, there are three categories that work within dental coverage.

  • preventative (regular once- or twice-a-month cleaning)
  • basic (fillings, extractions, and root canals), and…
  • major dental work.

Dental Insurance Does Not Cover Cosmetic Procedures (in most cases)

Most dental insurance policies do not cover any costs for cosmetic procedures such as teeth whitening, tooth shaping, gum contouring and veneers. That’s because these procedures are intended to simply improve the appearance of the teeth or the overall appearance of the individual. To simply put, they are not considered medically necessary and must be fully paid by the patient, just like any other general cosmetic surgical procedures.

However, there are some dental practices though that offer payment plans to assist patients to afford cosmetic procedures.

Based on statistics, teeth whitening and other cosmetic procedures can run between $450 and $600 per treatment. The median price of in-office teeth whitening procedures in the America is approximately $399, and it increases or decreases depending on location and office pricing.

Since insurance most likely will not cover the expenses, there isn’t a regular fee, hence the rate varies on a case to case basis. Because of the expensive cosmetic procedures, it’s important for patients to do further research on other payment options.

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