Curious About the Mini Dental Implant Price

Curious About the Mini Dental Implant Price

The screws used in mini dental implants are made of titanium alloy same as traditional implants but the difference here is they are smaller in size and easy to handle. Mini dental implant price is comparatively low than traditional implants but there are certain conditions where the dental implants used. You can’t just go for this procedure just because they are low in price. Go for them only if you match the required conditions suggested by the dentist. Compare dental implant prices here; in general the price of mini implants are 60% low as compared to the traditional so it’s good news for people having a tight budget.

Most common conditions for mini dental implants:

  • Teeth stuck in a narrow area
  • Or the size of your teeth is small
  • Or for replacement of front teeth
  • Replacement of premolars
  • You need enough jaw bone to handle the implant


Here our question is the mini dental implant price

So, as we already know the cost is low than traditional. Where the traditional implant cost $ 4000 or $ 5000 the mini implant cost from $500 to $1500 per tooth which is very low than traditional.

Some people may think why the cost is low as they are small in size they suppose to be much more costly as they are less visible. But here are some factors that affect the cost.

  1. The procedure is very simple and less time consuming.
  2. No surgeries are required for this type of implants. So it takes less effort and time so less money automatically.
  3. Screws used in the mini implants are way less costly than traditional screws which are comparatively larger in size.

Curious About the Mini Dental Implant Price

Also the cost depends on the type of implant you want.

For instance:

Single MDI $500 – $1500

Lower Dentures (4-6 MDIs) $2000 – $5000

Lower Denture (Regular Implants) $12000 – $30000

If you are going for this you should at least keep a budget of $1500. Because the procedure is not instant it’ll take a week or two to calm the pain. But you’ll start noticing the results immediately At first you’ll feel discomfort or pain and doctor might put you on some medications. So you need to keep a budget for medicines and new diet plan as you need to avoid hard foods and replace your usual toothpaste to mouthwash and also a lot of dental instructions advised by your doctor.

Mini dental implants are equally successful as traditional implants. And the success rate is moderate as they are simply inserted with less effort and duration. The longevity of the implant depends upon you that how you keep your daily oral hygiene routine from day one to the end. Also it depends upon the kind of dentist you appoint they must be super professional if you want good results. So explore and get the best one for you.

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