Can A Chipped Tooth Be Fixed By Yourself?

can a chipped tooth be fixed

Our teeth are sensitive bones that decay over time. Hard biting, crunching, or chewing food will damage the enamel of the teeth. That said, there are moments where our teeth chip away. The first thing to remember when this happens is not to panic. Sensitivity will cause your teeth to react in pain. There are home remedies for this dental problem. Nevertheless, seek professional help along the way. If you are searching for an emergency dentist in Brisbane, dental clinics such as these can answer if a chipped tooth be fixed immediately.

Causes For A Chipped Tooth

For someone who likes chewing hard objects, it is hard to keep yourself away from experiencing chipped teeth. The basic solution for a chipped tooth is to strengthen your teeth’s enamel. Poor dental hygiene causes a chipped tooth. In order to know the answers to questions like, “can a chipped tooth be fixed by yourself”, proper dental care is advised. On some occasions, accidents cause a chipped tooth. Dental trauma such as a mobile accident, falling, or sports injuries will lead to sensitive teeth in gum swelling. For athletes, it is important not to forget any protective mouth or gum guards before a game. Using a mouthguard will protect your mouth from any possible accidents or traumas that cause a chipped tooth.

Initial Remedies For Chipped Tooth

can a chipped tooth be fixed

If you feel your tooth pop out, save the chipped tooth if possible. Your dentist can still try to graft the bone and fill it in. At the initial stage, however, gargle your mouth with clean tap water to rinse any sign of blood. Ice packs relieve swelling or inflammation of gums and teeth. Avoid any more food intake that involves solid and hard coverings or ingredients. Let someone assist you to the nearest dentist if you feel that your pain is unbearable. You should check the severity of the situation to have your chipped tooth treated immediately.

Unexpected Dental Problems

On the other hand, your chipped tooth accident is possible to happen at night. An easy home remedy solution is to buy a dental cement. These products are available at any nearest drugstore. More treatments about cracked teeth are available online so it is best to prepare yourself for any possible issues in the future.

 When Do You Need Professional Treatment?

Of course, if you saw a big chunk of your tooth chipped away, call your doctor immediately. Infections will cause greater risks in the future should you neglect any unbearable pain or sensitivity of your gums. A dentist is able to answer your question to “can a chipped tooth be fixed” as they know how to do the proper dental treatment for this. For this reason, seeking a dentist is your first priority. Various dental examinations are done in the mouth to detect any tooth fracture. To give examples, an X-ray can help diagnose, locate, and measure the extent of the dental problem. Your dentist will recommend you avoid any chewing of hard solids. Serious treatment is recommended to you for dental implants. Surgeries are done to resolve a chipped tooth be fixed. Whenever you feel that you should seek help for any dental situation, schedule an appointment at your local dental clinic.

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