Month: December 2021

Dental Cleaning

What Are The 5 Advantages Of Ultrasonic Teeth Cleaning?

Plaque and tartar buildup are substances that can contain disease-causing bacteria. These substances can harm your teeth, causing damage to your overall oral health. To remove deposits from your teeth, a dentist or dental hygienist usually uses a technique called scaling. This method uses a small dental instrument to physically remove plaque and tartar from your teeth. Previously, dentists used regular dental hand tools to eliminate particles on your teeth. However, most dentists are now using a modern dental instrument that creates vibrations with water to get the teeth clean. This is known as ultrasonic teeth cleaning, the newest method being implemented in dentistry. In fact, this technique can provide a beautiful, bright smile in a much-improved procedure. Keep reading to know the difference between ultrasonic and manual cleaning, including the advantages of modern dental cleaning.

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